Class of 1987
November 24, 2012
5 years, 3 months and 22 days since
our Reunion.

East Hartford High 
Class of 1987

It's hard to believe that twenty-five years has passed since we graduated from these hallowed halls.  
We had a great turnout for our 20th reunion.  Buzzy, our mascot, made an appearance and we had some fun as we reminisced about who was chosen for the Superlatives (dig yours out if you can't remember).

Unfortunately not everyone knew about the reunion as we had hoped. In keeping with the new tech era we are ONLY reaching classmates via FB and this website (we are cross-referenced at Classmates.com).  
Updates and notices are posted here so it's important to check in every now and then to see what's been happening.  

Please pass the word to fellow classmates that they need to post their information on our Classmates page; allowing other classmates the ability to contact you and you will have access to any upcoming events.

* Have you added your profile to the Classmates page (check it out to see what others have been doing & check back often to see whose added their info.)

*Have you taken our Class Survey (update your contact info- viewed only by the reunion committee)
Check here for more info

Don't remember what your fellow classmates looked like?  Can't find your yearbook?
Believe it or not we 
still have 14 yearbooks in mint condition available for sale.  
Contact Paul Apostalon for details.

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